Three days in Svaneti!

Itinerary: Tbilisi-Enguri Gorge – Enguri Reserve – Mestia – Kourvardi Lakes – Haddovali – Ushguli – Glacier (Chalaadi ice range river Mestia – Chala head)  – Zugdidi-Tbilisi.

Tour period: 21-22-23 September

Distance: 500 km in one direction

Meeting and leaving place Tbilisi, Rose Square: 14 September, 00:00

Day I:

Tbilisi – Latali (XI-XII century Cathedral of Matskvarishi and XII-XIV Century Cathedral of Ianusha-Iona). Mestia – Mestia Ethnographic Museum – Hatsvali – Koruldi lakes. Margiani House Museum

09:00 Latali – Matskvarishi (Savior) Cathedral and the church named Ianash (Ionah the Prophet)

10:00 Check-in the family type hotel. Breakfast, free time

11:00 If you wish to go to Deluxe to visit the beautiful Kourouille lakes, we will pay about 30 Lari for the delicacy service – based on the number of members (or free time at 15:00 pm)

15:00 We will go to the Hatsvali mountain (mountain skiing). We will walk down the beautiful roof of the peak of “Ushba” and “Tetnuldi”

17:00 Mestia – we will visit Mestia Ethnographic Museum

17:50 Visit the Margians Museum, we will see Svan towers, accommodation in the guesthouse Dinner

II Day:

Ushguli, we will see: love tower, Ushguli ethnographic museum, Lamaria Church

06:00 Breakfast in the guesthouse

06:30 Departure to Ushguli

08:00 On the way to the village of Irpara we will meet with the so-called ” Love tower. The cottage is located on the Enguri coast. Climb tower

10:00 Ushguli. Visit the National Treasury. I congratulate Lamaria, IX-X century Virgin Mary Church in Svaneti, Ushguli community. If you wish, you can arrange for the tour to Shkhara

11:00 Jeep tour at Shkhara

16:00 Departure to Mestia

17:00 Village Kala where we will see Laguriki or St. Kvirike and Ivlita Church (painting of XII cc)

20:00 Dinner and Night Tea in a family hotel


III Day:

The glacier (chalada iceberg). In Zugdidi – Dadiani Palace

06:00 Breakfast in the guesthouse

6:30 After breakfast we will go to see the beautiful Chalaadi. The hiking distance of 5 km is two-way. If you wish, you will pay 10 GEL for transportation

11:00 Departure to Tbilisi

13:30 We will see Enguri

15:00 tour in Zugdidi (Dadiani palace)

16:00 We will go to Tbilisi

23:00 Tbilisi. After a long time enjoyed and enjoyed with great impressions, we fell in love with each other

Tour includes:

Transport: Micro bus

Accommodation in a family hotel with no food or food, depending on price

Transportation: Tbilisi -Latali-Mestia-Ushguli-Hatsvali-Zugdidi-Tbilisi

The professional goes through the service